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Suryamitra IOM Professional

Solar PV Technician Course(Suryamitra Program) has been designed with the objective to develop skilled and employable workforce catering to the needs of Solar PV industries and EPC

1. The Suryamitra's should be able to perform the jobs related to Design, Component Procurement, Site Survey, Installation, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance of Solar PV System in EPC Projects.

2. The Suryamitra's should be capable to take positions as SPV technicians as well as other supervisory and managerial posts in Solar PV component manufacturing organizations.

3. Suryamitra's should also be capable of taking assignments as entrepreneurs for self employment.

Qualification ITI ( Electrician, Fitter etc..,)
Diploma (Electrical, Mechanical , Electronics etc...)
Inter Vocational : Electrical
Age 18 - 30
Course Duration 90 Days / 600 Hrs.
Course Fees Free
Study Material Free
Food & Accommodation Free
Assessment & Certification Skill Council for Green Jobs
Placements Trainees will be offered placements in Solar Industry

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