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Solar PV Site Surveyor

A solar PV site surveyor does survey of the proposed site, provide complete land map with elevations, arrange for soil testing & test reports, provides details of approach to site, water table at site, quality of ground water, availability of water for module cleaning at site, availability of grid, location nearest substation where the solar power is to be delivered etc. For rooftop solar power plants, he/she surveys rooftop for availability of shadow free open area, roof load bearing capacity, drawings of beams and columns, load of the building and the voltage at which it is be connected to grid etc.

This job requires the individual to survey the site for feasibility. Therefore concentration and diligence are desired attributes for individuals performing this role. S/he must also demonstrate strong work ethics, an ability to communicate courteously with co-workers, sub-ordinates and superiors.

Qualification Diploma / B.E. / B.Tech. preferably in Civil Engineering
Age 25
Assessment & Certification Skill Council for Green Jobs SCCJ Website
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