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Rooftop Grid Engineer

Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer is specialized for pre-commissioning inspection, interconnection and post commissioning testing of grid connected Solar PV Power Plants as well as monitoring the safety and appropriate performance of the grid and has the communication & soft skills.

Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer checks, audits, inspects, interconnects and tests different components of the grid connected Solar PV Power Plant in compliance with all relevant codes, standards, and safety requirements.

This job requires the individual to concentrate on the job at hand and complete it without any accidents so diligence and hard work are desired attributes for individuals performing this role. He must also demonstrate strong work ethics, an ability to communicate courteously with co-workers.

Qualification B.Tech (Electrical, EEE)
Course Fees Rs 7500/- + Rs 1500/- ( For Certification & Assessment )
Assessment & Certification Skill Council for Green Jobs SCCJ Website
Placements Trainees will be send to Interviews in Solar Industry
Course Duration 120 Hrs
Study Material Free

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