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Suryamitra IOM Professional

Solar PV Installer (Suryamitra) is specialized for mechanical, civil and electrical installations of Solar Photovoltaic Systems as well as maintaining them properly and has the communication & soft skills. Students will be giving training with certification.

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Entrepreneur

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Entrepreneur is an individual having the ability to venture into Solar Rooftop market to lead an enterprise, prepare the feasibility study report and is responsible for the managing the complete Solar rooftop PV project lifecycle.

Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer

Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer is specialized for pre-commissioning inspection, interconnection and post commissioning testing of grid connected Solar PV Power Plants as well as monitoring the safety and appropriate performance of the grid.

Solar Proposal Evaluation Specialist

Solar Proposal Evaluation Specialist in an individual specialized for providing techno - commercial advice, preparing lending or funding documents, writing and reviewing of Solar PV project report and financial viability of setting up a Solar PV Power Plant.

Solar PV Business Development Executive

Solar PV Business Development Executive highlights the benefits of using solar power to develop and generate the business for the organization. He/she has the understanding of the rooftop market, ground mount market and decentralized solutions market to propose the right kind of solution to meet the specific needs of the respective clients.

Solar PV Site Surveyor

A solar PV site surveyor does survey of the proposed site, provide complete land map with elevations, arrange for soil testing & test reports, provides details of approach to site, water table at site, quality of ground water, availability of water for module cleaning at site, availability of grid, location nearest substation where the solar power is to be delivered etc.

Solar PV Designer

A Solar PV Designer reviews the solar civil and electrical design of the Solar PV power plant & prepares the energy simulation report


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